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IC&RC Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (AADC) Examination

Getting Ready to Test: A Review and Preparation Manual for Drug and Alcohol Credentialing Exams, 8th Edition with the supplemental guide A Supplemental Review/Preparation Manual for the IC&RC Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor Credentialing Examination

This 2-volume set was developed to assist candidates in their preparation for the IC&RC Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (AADC) credentialing examination.

It is not designed as a stand-alone product, but will add information relevant to the AADC examination not covered in the larger Getting Ready to Test manual.

The 338-page supplement includes a 150-question sample written exam

Candidates preparing for the AADC exam can purchase both guides from Ready to Test. 

Please note that while IC&RC strongly recommends purchasing guides listed above, the AADC exam contains a lot of questions on co-occurring disorders that requires supplemental knowledge to that presented in the ReadyToTest supplemental manuals above. As such, it recommends that candidates order SAMHSA’s TIP 42 from



Debbie Masur -                                                            (Exam Administration) 

Lori Rivera- Santiago -                                                                   (Program Manager)

Mark Attanasi -                                                               (Executive Director)

Miranda Guarnieri -

                                      (Administrative Assistant)

Skye Balzer-Roam -                                                                 (Reciprocity, Credential Verification, Certificate                                                           Requests, Exam Score Verification)

Tina Nelson -                                                                  (Director of Operations)

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