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How do I earn a credential?

Credentials are issued by state or country specific certification or licensing boards. All requirements and application processes are handled by the board in your jurisdiction.  To find the board in your jurisdiction and their requirements, go to our board directory at this link:

Am I certified by IC&RC?

No, IC&RC does not certify professionals. We develop examinations and a credentialing framework for individual state and country boards to use as part of their certification or licensure processes. 

What is an IC&RC International Certificate and how do I get one?

An IC&RC International Certificate is available to professionals that earn a pre-requisite credential through one of IC&RC's member boards. Not all credentials issued by boards meet the pre-requisite standards. Contact the board in your jurisdiction for more information. 

International Certificates signify that the credential or license held through a local board meets IC&RC's standards.

Once a professional has earned the necessary pre-requisite credential through their local board, they must complete the International Certificate Form to receive an International Certificate.

I have an International Certificate, does that mean I can practice anywhere I want?

No. Individuals need to meet jurisdictional requirements in order to practice. This can often be done through IC&RC's reciprocity process, but not always. Individuals should make sure they do their due diligence in understanding practice requirements. 

I am moving to another jurisdiction. What do I need to do to move my credential?

In many instances, IC&RC can facilitate the movement of your credential from one jurisdiction to another. To find out if you are eligible for this service, contact your local board and they will provide you with more guidance. Eligibility for reciprocity is not determined by IC&RC but by the board through which you are currently certified.

For more information on reciprocity, visit our reciprocity page at this link:

I need to take an IC&RC examination, what is the process?

Individuals looking to take an IC&RC examination must first be authorized by their local certification board. Each individual certification board has their own procedures, applications, requirements, and fees for an examination. Contact the board in your jurisdiction for information on scheduling an examination.  

Where can I find study materials for my examination?

IC&RC has developed a webpage devoted to study materials available for our examinations. Available study materials include Candidate Guides with reference lists, practice examinations, study guides for select examinations, and other suggested reading materials. 

All study materials can be found on this webpage:

When and how will I receive my examination scores?

Candidates are provided with their pass/fail status at the testing center at the end of their examination. Official examination scores are sent to the candidate by their local board within 30 days of testing.

If you do not receive your examination scores within this time frame, contact your local board. 

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